About us

Shefali Gems and Arts was founded in 2001, has become one of the most visible brand in the Jaipur Jewellery market today which is known for its benchmark quality & superb craftsmanship. Right from the outset our focus has been to provide unmatched quality to our customers. Our sole strategy has been to sell jewellery with honesty and integrity. This strategy has helped us yield exponential growth in our business and establish strong working relationships with our clients.

We are now at the fore front of making innovative changes and our range is a mixture of exclusively hand-crafted jewellery to machine engraved & polished jewellery that comes with innovative traditional as well as contemporary designs, and that is what sets us apart in the market. Not solely concentrating on making profits but on growth & accomplishing new milestones is the spirit that has made us one of the most admired brand.

We are committed to deliver the enhanced levels of service to our valued clients just as we have done for all the years behind us.